Wellness, History and Leisure in one place

The picturesque commune of Casteljaloux is located in the heart of Lot-et-Garrone region, belongs to Nouvelle Aquitaine. Chef-lieu and largest population of the canton Casteljaloux district is Nérac, which brings together in its 30.59 km2 of surface history and well-being.


Spa Les Bains de Casteljaloux is renowned for its thermal waters with therapeutic properties. It is attended by people from different parts of the world to undergo curative treatments for rheumatism, neuralgia and anemia.  It has been approved for Rheumatology in 1995 by the Ministry of Health. On the other hand, the thermal baths, cater for well-being from a more  playful and relaxing point of view; sauna, Hammam, Japanese bath are offers to renew body and spirit.


Casteljaloux also has a historic center with the remains of fortifications and old residences such as the Mansion du Roy, which dates back to the 15th century, where the tourism office is currently located.  Casteljaloux throughout history, has been a route and obligatory stop, of kings and noblemen, of which, vestiges can  still be found.

Furthermore, the stately homes of the old town date back, mostly from long-gone days. Quite a few of them retain their original structure.


Just 2 km from  Casteljaloux Lake Clarens can be found, an enclave with fine sands where people enjoy beach and water-bound activities such as swimming, sunbathing windsurfing, canoeing paintball and fishing.

For lovers of trekking, there are, in the surroundings of the city, a series of routes in which you can enjoy nature outdoors while walking kilometers of forests.